On January 20th, 2011 a podcast called "Enough" launched. It was a great conversation between Patrick Rhone and Myke Hurley about simplicity, technology, and a handful of other random topics. From the iTunes description:

At what point does technology cross the line from not quite to too much? How does one find the balance that is "enough"? 'Enough' helps to explore these ideas and help you find that answer that is right for you.

"Enough" recorded its last episode on November 5th, 2013. This site exists to preserve all 225 episodes of "Enough" so that people can continue to download, listen to, and benefit from the content therein.

About The Audio Files

The episodes haven't been edited or re-encoded. This means that some are M4A, some are MP3. As the original episodes had a variety of naming and tagging schemes over time, the episodes have all been renamed and re-tagged for consistency.

How To Get The Audio Files

Per a conversation I had with Patrick, we ("we" meaning "myself, Patrick, or anybody else") are unable to sell any sort of access to the episodes for various legal reasons.

Free distribution is the only acceptable option, and dedicated server space to host the archive could get pricey if it gets a lot of hits - so I've packaged the files as a torrent (with the blessings of both Patrick and Myke). You can nab it here, and download in your torrent client of choice. Please seed after your download completes!

If you have some extra server space (and most importantly, bandwidth!) and would like to host the complete 3.3 gigabyte archive, let me know. I'll get you the files and link your copy from this page.

If You Have Questions About This Site

This site is not run by Patrick Rhone - please don't contact him with questions about how to download the audio files! If you have questions about the audio files, how to download them, or this site, you can find me over at Untitled Minimalism. Drop me a line and I'll do my best to help you out.

How To Contact Patrick

Patrick is a pretty friendly guy who loves hearing from listeners & readers. If you'd like to contact Patrick or support his work, you can find him over at Patrick Rhone and Minimal Mac.